Worker Compensation Settlement in Tennessee

What Your Workers Comp Claim is Worth

Workers compensation laws protect families of workers who die on their jobs. In addition to funeral expenses, a death benefit is required paid for compensable injuries. Do not sign anything or accept any offers until an experienced lawyer has discussed the case with you.

Tennessee workers’ compensation benefits paid, while injured workers recover, usually total 2/3 of the worker’s average weekly wage. While 2/3 of one’s average weekly wage may not seem fair because the other 1/3 of a person’s bills don’t go away while recovering, the Tennessee legislature has made this the law. In exchange, injured employees do not have to prove that their employers were at fault for the injuries before a recovery is allowed. Thus, even if a worker did not look where he was going and caused his own injuries, workers’ compensation benefits are allowed. This is a tradeoff, with 2/3 of the average weekly wage being paid without regard to whether the hurt worker’s employer did anything wrong to cause the injury.

Workers compensation benefits pay for losses and expenses incurred when covered workers are injured on the job. They are entitled to free lifetime health care (including medicines), if required by a compensable work injury.

Covered workers are entitled to be paid while recovering from injuries and unable to work. They are entitled to be paid mileage reimbursement in some cases, to go to a doctor or rehabilitation center. They are entitled to be compensated for lost earning capacity due to a work injury, subject to a schedule for certain injuries, if a permanent injury results from a work accident.

The money for these benefits comes from employer’s workers’ compensation insurance providers or, in some instances, directly from an employer, if it is self insured or chooses to pay benefits independently.

A Tennessee workers compensation verdict or settlement may pay things such as:

  • Lifetime medical expenses due to the work injury
  • Hospital visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical devices or equipment
  • Lost wages because of the injury
  • Permanent disability
  • Death benefits

Question Your Worker Compensation Settlement

Your employer or its insurance company may question your Tennessee Workers’ compensation claim because they do not want to pay a large sum of money. If you have a legitimate claim, they may try to offer a settlement that is too low, so premiums don’t increase later, or promise benefits “under the table.” Do not be fooled by false friends.

Before a settlement for Tennessee workers’ compensation claims may be binding, a Department of a Labor or court approval is required. Settlements not so approved may be set aside and are not binding. Knoxville workers compensation attorney William C. Cremins can assist you in reviewing your settlement offer to ensure it is fair.

Additionally, when you close a Knoxville workers comp claim, you may run into some real or insurmountable problems if you attempt to re-open it. Your best chance to assert your rights is before you settle the claim.

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